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We are not taking any new clients indefinitely due to Covid-19.  However, phone and video conference consultations are available.

Welcome to Affection & Praise Family Dog Training, Inc., where we believe that the best results come from teaching your dog the correct behaviors with kindness and patience. 

We use all positive, scientifically proven dog training and behavior modification techniques, as also used with marine mammal training. 


We offer:

  1. -Flexible private in-home dog training classes

  2. -In-home behavior consultations


We charge $125 per lesson/consultation.


We tailor all our dog training classes to your specific needs.  To do an entire dog training obedience course, most people take about 5 lessons, some only need 4, some need 6.  However, you aren’t committed to any number of lessons and can take as little or as many as you like, whenever you like. 

The first lesson is 1.5 hour and every lesson thereafter is 1 hour.  All lessons cost the same even if you have multiple dogs.

It all depends on your needs.  All we care about is that your dog problems are solved and your dog training goals are met.

In addition, all our lessons are supported by dog training and behavior booklets and written lesson plans to refer back to whenever you need to.

Jackie Middelhoek gave dog training and behavior tips every other Saturday on the Denver Channel for over 15 years, and still is a guest speaker from time to time.


Off-Leash Dog and Puppy Obedience Training

We specialize in off-leash dog obedience training.

We like to start training puppies as young as eight weeks of age.  Puppies’ brains are like little sponges and they learn super fast, both good and bad behaviors.  It’s easier to prevent behavior problems than to fix them later.  That is why we do tons of preventative maintenance and start training right away. 

However, even if your dog is middle aged or a senior already, we can still train new behaviors as well as change behaviors that your dog has been displaying for quite a while, including aggression.  So don’t despair! 

Your dog will learn to respond to requests such as sit, down, come, heel, go to your bed, leave it, drop it, wait, stay, and any others that are of importance to you.  If you wish, we can even train your dog to help you with the laundry, clean up the toys, or get the phone for you; whatever you would like, as long as your dog is physically capable of doing it.


Since Affection & Praise Family Dog Training, Inc. was established in the Denver Area in 1996, we have been busy training hundreds of dogs every year.  To see some of our success stories check out our testimonials, Photo Gallery I and Photo Gallery II.

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Service Area:

Denver Metro Area: Former clients or client referrals only.

New clients: Evergreen, Aspen Park, Conifer, Pine Junction, Pine, Bailey, Shawnee, Grant, Jefferson, Como, Fairplay, and Alma

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  1. -house training

  2. -jumping up

  3. -chewing

  4. -digging

  5. -dog/cat introductions

  1. -pulling on the leash

  2. -excessive barking,

  3. -play biting

  4. -sibling rivalry

  5. -fears/phobias

  1. -excessive barking

  2. -separation anxiety

  3. -child proofing

  4. -aggression to people

  5. -aggression to dogs

Private In-Home Lessons vs. Group Lessons

The reason that we start out with private in-home dog training lessons and not in a group class is that dogs have a hard time learning with a lot of distractions around.  Once they have learned the obedience skills in a quiet in-home environment, you can then practice these new skills in a variety of environments.  We also have found that the one-size-fits-all approach of a group dog training class doesn’t work as well because everyone has different dog problems, house rules and wishes.

Behavior Problem Solving

We can help you solve the following behavior problems and anything else your creative best friend can come up with:


Affection & Praise Family Dog Training has moved to Fairplay, Colorado (2 hrs drive from Denver). 

The only clients we will accept in the Denver area are former clients or client referrals.

Otherwise please refer to this list of recommended trainers in the Denver area: Dog Trainer List