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Trick Training

After you have taught your pup all the basics for his own good and safety, why stop training?  Dogs love to learn and we love to see the look on their faces when they understand a new behavior.  They are always so proud of themselves.  So, for their continued education, we highly recommend the following DVD: Take A Bow Wow.  It shows you how to teach your dog every trick you can even imagine, even how to teach your dog to get a beer from the fridge.


Only for dogs working on aggression issues with us, we recommend these low cost comfortable basket muzzles or these basket muzzles from  Dogs can drink water and pant freely while wearing these muzzles. 


Leather leashes are by far the most comfortable on your hands.  The wider the leash, the less the leash cuts into your hands.  Leather also has some give to it, giving you a solid grip no matter where you grab the leash.  We recommend these 6 feet long leather leashes


For Dog Training and Behavior books, our most favorite author is Patricia McConnell.  We also like to recommend Ian Dunbar, Jean Donaldson, Turid Rugaas, Pat Miller, Sue Sternberg, Cheryl Smith, Pia Silvani, Temple Grandin, Terry Ryan and Brenda Aloff.  All of these authors are available from:

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